Africa!Ignite multiple opportunities for potential partners, thus allowing us to support BBBEE Scorecards.  Here are some of the ways in which we can achieve this, however, we invite you to work with us on defining new ways of working together.

Our social development programmes (education) focus on supporting lifelong learning, building on what people know and can do, and introduce up-to-date, research-based content in our training and mentoring in schools and ECD centres. We work with teachers, practitioners, parents and young children to improve language development and early literacy skills. We train talented, out-of-work rural youth as storytellers and literacy facilitators to run our programmes.

Our enterprise development programmes (craft and tourism) currently focuses on tourism and craft enterprise development through our internationally recognized and award-winning Sustainable Tourism Model – branded WOWZULU in KwaZulu-Natal and WOW-AFRICA outside KwaZulu-Natal.  Through this, we  support more than 1000 tourism and craft beneficiaries (mainly women and youth)  to earn sustainable income. 

Investing in Africa!Ignite’s programmes provides a win-win solution to corporate partners, Africa!Ignite and our beneficiaries alike:

Businesses win, as BBBEE investment results in social and/or economic return and their brand is enhanced;

Our beneficiaries win because they are able to offer competitive and commercially viable products or services to corporate clients, and they benefit from economic inclusion;

Africa!Ignite wins, as we are able to achieve our objectives of economic inclusion of marginalised women, youth, children and emerging entrepreneurs from rural communities where high unemployment, low education levels and associated socio-economic challenges are ongoing.

The following are some of the key products/services that we would like to discuss with you:

CRAFT:  We offer corporate gifts and décor items, which are all handmade by women, fusing ancient techniques with contemporary design. Through our interventions we assist crafters with design input, craft production expertise and logistics support, so that they can earn a sustainable income working from their rural homes (see

TOURISM:  We offer teambuilding experiences – active, fun, off-the-beaten track activities and tours – at our various WOWZULU Marketplaces (see  or we can tailor make a solution based on your needs;

EDUCATION PROGRAMMES:  Starting with foundation phase learning, our programme helps teachers, ECD practitioners and parents develop the skills to support young children to read and write at age-appropriate levels. It is critical that areas that are subject to structural poverty, unemployment, low education levels, and ongoing service delivery challenges are given the best possible foundation in education as the building block for prosperity.  Businesses can slot into our existing programmes, or our expert team can tailor make a programme that speaks to your education programme objectives.

STORYTELLING PERFORMANCES:  Our talented storytellers can perform at corporate and  private functions.  We have successfully introduced storytelling in corporate presentations to potential partners and investors:  with music, songs and dance, presentations are livened up while information, facts and figures are presented in an engaging and meaningful way.

OUR HEALTH IS IN OUR HANDS:   Our wellness programme helps individuals to realise that simple achievable lifestyle changes can make them healthier and protect them against diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity, and we can offer this training for corporate staff or to communities that you already support